If you are like me, you have the bug for adventure. Especially if it is anything abandoned. So let's take a look at Colorado and see what abandoned places we can find.

The Sunnyside Mine was a huge part of Colorados history. Being the largest underground gold mine it mad around 150 million dollars in its time. Now the only existing town around the mine is Silverton.  It is just pieces of what used to be. Take the time to explore the area. Just make sure to be careful!

St. Elmos Ghost Town was the place to be if you lived in the 1890s. The downfall happened when nobody wanted to reopen the mines in the area. It finally became a "ghost town" when the post office closed in 1952. This is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Colorado. While some of the buildings are privately owned. With a few residents living there to take care of the upkeep. This is one place I have always wanted to go and check out for myself.

The abandoned Crystal Mill in Marble, Colo. is probably the most scenic place you could go. It also is one of the main places photographers like to go. The mine itself was built in 1893 and closed not too long after in 1913. It used the water as its power source to power the generator that was sitting inside. This is an adventure you can only take during the warmer months. So pack accordingly and make sure to take pictures of your adventures.

This one isn't completely abandoned with researchers still coming here. I am talking about the town of Gothic in Crested Butte, Colo. But that is only a part of it. This used to be a town and then became a laboratory. Now the town is no longer livable but part of the facilities are still in use for lab work. It used to be the top place to do research in the 1930s. This is one of the reasons it is up there in being one best-preserved ghost towns in Colorado.

This is the definition of a ghost town. Mt Vernon has been a ghost town since. This was one of the first towns in Colorado. Now the only thing left to show that it was there are 5 gravestones. One of them being the oldest one in Colorado. So if you like history I would go and check it out!

I hope you go out and have some fun looking at these old places. If you can think of any other let me know! Or if you have pictures please send them!

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