Well, it would seem that Oklahoma and Nebraska, do not necessarily like our ability to smoke pot in Colorado, saying that it is unconstitutional. Or is that really the problem?

The problem according to the states of Oklahoma and Nebraska, is that the pot makes it's way into their states. Yep, that is the complaint. In fact, the word used the in the report from 9 news was,the drug was flooding in.  This was such a big deal that the Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma joined the suit.

Ok, so if any products produced by these two states make it into Colorado, do we counter sue? Seems that, a little childish now doesn't it.

The entire lawsuit is based around the tenth amendment of the Constitution. That is the one that says states can govern as they choose.

Good thing for the state of Colorado is, the Supreme Court won't even take the case, thus closing another chapter in the marijuana challenges.

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