Do you fear losing your cell phone?  The Detroit News is reporting a survey in Britain says that 66% of the folks in Britain suffer from of nomophobia --  the fear of losing or being unable to use a cellphone. Is your cell phone attached to you at all times?

Looks like 70% of women and 61% of men worry they will lose their cell phone and  a earlier survey found that the average person with a smartphone checks it 34 times a day! That sounds about right for me.

I can tell you if I don't have my cell phone I go crazy! I actually have a very crazy phone schedule, check it out:

  • Every morning at 3 AM I wake up to randomly check Facebook.
  • At 6 AM my alarm goes off and I check Facebook -- all three of my accounts.
  • 7:30 AM rolls around and I check my email, my calendar for appointments and Facebook.
  • I arrive at work around 8:30 AM check my emails again, listen to messages and check on Facebook, again
  • And at some point in the morning I get at least one phone call from my mother.
I repeat the pattern all day, every day!
I even take my phone to the bathroom, you never know when an exciting Facebook update will show up!

How often do you check your cellphone?

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