I have to say that this has been one heck of a week. I never thought I would be so connected to a device in my life, but I recently realized I was after I broke my smartphone. So here's the story. 

I recently purchased my first iPhone 6 Plus and was extremely excited to play around with it.

I was told it was the best of the best. So it arrived, I opened it and set it all up. Later that night, I sat it on the arm of my chair and I did not notice when it slipped into the side of the couch that reclines. I attempted to recline when all of a sudden I hear, "crack, pop, crack," there went my phone. It was bent in half and broke the screen so bad that I could not use it.


I called the company and set up the insurance to take care of it, and spent more than a new phone would have cost.

This is when the withdrawals started. It was like I needed a 12-step program to wean me from my phone. I had about every single type of feeling known to man. I got mad, I got sad, I even shed a tear.

The worst part, as I was sitting at work the next day here are the things I did:

  1. I reached for my phone probably 20 times an hour.
  2. Every ringing phone I heard I thought it was mine.
  3. I couldn't check Facebook, email or anything!
  4. I wanted to take a picture of ANYTHING (I think that is because I knew in my mind I couldn't)
  5. I paced. Oh lordy, did I pace, back and forth and back and forth.
  6. I felt disconnected. All day long people in the station were saying "Did you see this on Facebook", or "Did you see that email"? I wanted to reach out and well, tell them about it! Grrrr ... craziness!

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I am going to admit it -- I am. "Hello Everyone, my name is Dave, and I have been without my phone for 1 day and I'm a smartphone addict."