Never has a stereotype been so true.

This woman is so excited to be in New York City that she just had to let the whole world know it. Unfortunately for her, she's not schooled in the ways of New York City. Check out the classic (and extremely NSFW) response she unexpectedly gets. It's the quintessential Big Apple reaction.

You gotta love the irony, right? A man yells at this woman to pipe down after she yells. Two wrongs apparently do make a right.

If anything, this woman should be even more excited than she already was because not only has made it to New York City, but she's gotten screamed at, too. All she needs now is to get caught in traffic in a cab, miss a subway or order delivery at 3 a.m. and she's practically a real New Yorker. Oh, and meeting the pizza rat would be pretty cool, too.

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