If you're a big fan of fresh fruit and all-natural toppings you're going to love the idea around the newest food truck that is set to open this week in Fruita. This was another business opening that I found out about just through social media, and while I have never visited a location like this before, I have seen them in different cities and look forward to trying their deliciousness here in Western Colorado. The brand new food truck business that is opening this week will be for Mountain Berry Bowls.

While each Mountain Berry Bowl location has different names for the bowls they serve (normally relating to the city, state, or region of the country they are in), they all serve the same menu items.

What to Expect When Trying Mountain Berry Bowls for the First Time

The Mountain Berry Bowl menu is all dairy-free and uses an all-natural smoothie base which is then topped with their signature gluten-free granola and finally topped with fresh fruit and any other toppings that you want to enjoy on top. You can see the full Mountain Berry Bowl menu by clicking here. Most bowls are going to cost you between $7-$12 just depending on what you want and any extra toppings. There is also a make-it-yourself option.

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When in the new Mountain Berry Bowls Food Truck Opening in Fruita

According to their posts online their first day in business is set for Saturday, March 20th, 2021. And while they will mostly be in Fruita, don't be shocked if you see them moving around the Western Slope attracting new business. Obviously, we are wishing the new business owners much success with the new food truck.

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