Of all the things we know about the first moon landing, one piece of data rarely gets talked about - A Colorado flag being a part of the journey.

Another reason to be proud to live in the Centennial State. OurCommunityNow.com has the story on how now on display in Denver, is the little Colorado flag that Neil Armstrong had among his personal possessions upon that trip to the moon and back in 1969.

50 years later, and nobody knows why exactly he'd want to do so, but there it is. He took a 6" by 4" Colorado flag. Interesting, to say the least. He didn't give it away, saying 'Here you go, this was on the moon,' but somebody must know why he held Colorado in such esteem to take one of our flags with him.

The Armstrong family recently put the flag up for auction, and it was purchased by History Colorado.

What a great and unique piece of Colorado history. You can view the flag while it's on display at History Colorado through September 2, 2019.

Get more on the flag and its journey from OurCommunityNow.com


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