While Colorado has had legal marijuana for recreational use since 2012 and has reaped plenty of benefits from it, it would not appear that our neighboring state of Nebraska will follow suit any time soon.

The news comes as today, Monday, March 15th, the governor of the state that the Cornhuskers call home, Pete Ricketts, voiced his concern with the state legalizing the plant for recreational use. Ricketts cited the fact that since legalizing the plant, Colorado elementary school-aged children have been using it after obtaining it from adults. He not only called marijuana a "dangerous drug," but also had this to say about its potential legalization in Nebraska:

Marijuana is damaging to the developing brain, and it can have a particularly negative impact on young people.

This comes after Nebraska legislators have pushed for the plant to be legalized for recreational use in their state numerous times.

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Nebraska Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln, Nebraska, introduced a bill which would "create a framework for legalizing medical cannabis use in Nebraska," and another legislator, Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha, Nebraska introduced a proposal more geared to legalizing recreational marijuana use for people over the age of 21, much like the law that is currently in place in Colorado.

Wayne's bill would need 30 legislative votes to appear on the next ballot, and it would appear that he is fighting an uphill battle to gain them.

Nebraska's 2020 ballot was also going to include a measure to legalize medical marijuana but was left off because is violated the single-subject rule.

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