What? Women can't be astronauts? Apparently NASA had no plans of any such thing, well, that's what this rejection letter told Miss Kelly.

This rejection letter from NASA sent to a "Miss Kelly" 1962 popped up on the Interwebs this week rejecting her request to be a woman astronaut. This is the second letter this week, earlier we featured a story of a little boy received an awesome letter from NASA telling him to keep his dream.

Jokes on you NASA, there's been plenty of women in space, let's take a look!

Doing a quick search, we came up with over 50 different women astronauts, where over 30 are from the good old US of A. And yes, we realize times have changed.

Russia sent the first women to space only a year later than this letter, Valentina Tereshkova was the first women to ever visit space. Russia knew what was up!

How long did it take America to rocket a woman into space? 20 years! Sally Ride blasted into space in 1983, seems we were a bit behind on the "race to space."

NASA spokesman told Yahoo! Shine that:

“Our initial research shows the wording in the response is consistent with the agency’s public stance on female astronauts in 1962.”

Good thing their honest, and very blunt once you read this line in the letter:

"This is to advise that we have no existing program concerning women astronauts nor do we contemplate any such plan."

We'll just hang that "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" sign right here on your front door NASA!

Thankfully times have changed and we no longer need our cootie shots before we head into space.