Christmas is inching closer and I am loving it. You can feel the Christmas feeling making its way into my house.

My daughters are loving all the hot chocolate and peppermint that they get to have. The best thing about being a parent is when you see your child's face light up when they unwrap their presents and realize that they got what they wanted.

I have a few presents that I got for Christmas that were my absolute favorite, I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

Baseball Glove

My first ever baseball glove was amazing. You could smell the new leather as soon as I unwrapped it. The glove itself was one of my favorite presents because it was left-handed. I had to learn to play with my brothers' gloves because I was the only person in the family that was left handed.

BMX Bike

The first bike I ever got is still probably my most favorite present. Both my twin brother and I got the same bike. We didn't care though. We woke up at 4 am in the morning to go check if Santa came by, boy we were not disappointed. We let my parents sleep a little longer before we couldn't contain our excitement. This bike and I went through everything. It was stolen only for me to get it back and get hit by a car while I was riding it.

Super Nintendo

Receiving a Super Nintendo for Christmas started my journey into gamerhood. My brothers, dad and I would play this console for hours. It was awesome having something to do with your family that was your present. Our favorite game had to be Tecmo Super Bowl. We would all play one season with different teams. Our first season started and finished on Christmas. Kinda want to find the console and game and play again. Why not on Christmas?


I thought my first skateboard was amazing. They wrapped it up and made it look just like a regular box. When I opened it I was completely floored. I wasn't able to ride it on Christmas because that Christmas it was snowing like crazy. I carried the board around with me everywhere just for that chance to ride it. I still remember pulling it out of the package. It had a 3D logo on the back with red accents all over. One of the coolest things ever.

Golf Set

My first set of golf clubs I actually still own. These I got on my first Christmas with my beautiful wife's family. Just like with the baseball glove I learned to swing a club right handed. Nobody I know has left handed anything. When I got to my wife's parents these were sitting under the tree. I had no idea that they were mine. I can honestly say that this was one of the few times that I have actually cried.

If you have any presents that are your favorite let me know in the comments. I would love to know what your favorite presents are.

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