Last weekend some jerk pulled a hit-and-run on my car and now I'm stuck with the bill. I decided to recreate the sacking incident with a hand drawn reenactment.

Play-by-play of my hit-and-run:

Last weekend, my car was in a hit-and-run while parked in a parking lot. Thankfully, there were no team members in the vehicle at the time. But I'd like to call a personal foul for unnecessary roughness.

The opponent backs in from left field, straight in the driver's side of my vehicle. Because my car had no defense at the time, this is a straight sack attack on the vehicle. The damage is extensive. The bumper should be aligned with center field (aka the grill) and now the bumper is no longer attached.

I'd consider my vehicle clotheslined, which makes me wanna drop the gloves. No more fouls are needed and unfortunately, the opponent is still unidentified. No gloves are being dropped, but karma will come for whoever hit my vehicle, and it will sack you.

Thanks for your support, from Coach Alicia.

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