Happy Birthday, Colorado!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Living In Colorado?

I'm a native of Colorado and very proud of my State. Sure there are things to complain about, but isn't that the truth about most anything? Here are my five favorite things about living in Colorado.

#5 - I love that I know fun facts about the state

For example, the 13th step at the Capital is exactly one mile above sea level.

Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write the song “America the Beautiful” after seeing the beautiful view from Pikes Peak.

Colorado has 52 fourteeners.

#4 - Colorado Has the Best Ski Resorts

My favorite is Beaver Creek, but love Crested Butte, and love the fact that I can take a quick day trip to Loveland.

#3 - The Hot Springs

Best stress reliever ever. I absolutely love going to the pool and relaxing. There are actually 30 hot springs in the state, but Glenwood is my favorite.

#2 - Healthy Food to Comfort Food

I lived in the South before, and it's hard to eat healthy, a lot of fried food, biscuits and gravy. That's all good if you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside all the time. In Colorado, you can be a complete health freak, eat well, and have a bad day where you just want that burrito smothered in green chili and it's available.

#1- The People Love Their Sports

In Colorado I feel like people have a wonderful balance of being busy, but also know how to chill at the same time. The phrase "work hard, play hard" really applies to this state. If one isn't watching a football, basketball, baseball game then they are running, riding bikes, or swimming. It's awesome.

While I'm writing this I can think of a dozen more reasons why I LOVE living in Colorado, but for now, I'll leave it at that.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be waiving entry fees to all 42 state parks Monday, August 6 in honor of Colorado. Happy, Happy Birthday Colorado! We Love You.

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