Dating in Grand Junction, Colorado has been incredibly interesting, and I'm here to tell you not to judge a book by its cover.

Most people want to find someone special to spend their time with, but finding that person is definitely easier said than done.

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Life In Grand Junction, Colorado

So far, life has been pretty quiet for me here in Grand Junction. Since I'm a newbie my only friends are my co-workers and my Dachshund.

Of course, I love spending time with my pup and work family, but I'm looking to make other friends and potentially even find a love connection.

The holidays are typically spent with those loved ones closest to you, so you can imagine that things were getting a bit lonely for me.

Dating in Grand Junction

Since I'm not the kind of person to physically put myself out on the "dating scene" I've been using Facebook dating.

I've met some pretty interesting people so far and had some intriguing dates, but my latest one definitely tops the rest.

My friends and family have consistently been giving me the "stranger danger" speech, to which I've replied nonchalantly, telling them not to worry so much.

New Year's Eve In Grand Junction

Obviously, there are things you should talk about before meeting up with a stranger that you met online.

I consider myself a pretty thorough and smart person, so I had absolutely no worries when I agreed to go on a date with a guy on New Year's Eve.

We decided on dinner at Texas Roadhouse and the guy was incredibly sweet and quite honestly a true gentleman, which was so refreshing.

The Truth Comes Out

While we were eating, we were chatting about the ups and downs of online dating in Grand Junction. We both experienced some pretty similar situations and were having a good laugh about it all.

Then I decided to make a sarcastic statement and was shocked to hear his reply.

My statement?

"As long as you're not a murderer, we're good!"

Uhmmm yeah, turns out he recently got out of prison for murder.

You Probably Have Questions

To say I was surprised probably is an understatement. However, I honestly wasn't afraid at all.

My date went on to tell me that he had served 22 years in prison for accidentally killing another man.

Accidentally? How does that happen? He proceeded to tell me his story, and I listened intently to each word. At the end of his tale, he asked me how I felt and what my thoughts were.

Obviously, life is incredibly precious, and the loss of life is devasting, to say the least.

Could I judge someone for their mistakes and wrong-doings when I myself am nowhere close to perfect? Was his debt with society really settled after spending two decades incarcerated?

Is this man the first person I've met who's been incarcerated for the death of someone else? No, but he is the first one I've gone on a date with.

He asked if I would mind going out with him again and I agreed. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I want to learn more about him instead of making assumptions.

The biggest lesson I took away from this experience? Well, there's actually a few:

  • Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions,
  • Remember that people truly can change for the better, and
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated

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