Many mistakes have been made throughout America's history which is one of the reasons why a landmark in Colorado may undergo a name change.

According to a report from CBS News, Mount Evans, a 14'er located in Clear Creek County, Colorado is undergoing review for a possible name change by the Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board.

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Communication Will Always Be Key

Words, names, and phrases come and go throughout time. The vernacular that we use in our day-to-day lives speaks volumes about our beliefs and values which is also why it is constantly changing.

As you age, you begin to communicate differently. Just think how silly it would be to use the exact same communication methods that you used as an infant.

Well, America along with Colorado, has aged, and with that age comes the wisdom to correct past misdoings.

Why Mount Evans May Be Renamed

Mount Evans was named after Gov. John Evans who was in office at the time of the Sand Creek Massacre, where a large number of Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children were slaughtered unjustly on November 29th, 1864.

Due to the egregious injustice that took place, indigenous people in Colorado and across America want to see the mountain, which was named after Evans in 1895, be renamed.

Newly Proposed Names for Mount Evans

The Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board has agreed to meet and review potential name changes for Mount Evans. If the board concludes that a name change would be appropriate then they will submit a recommendation to Governor Polis.

Gov. Polis would need to sign off on the change, which would then be submitted to the US Geological Survey's U.S. Board on Geographic Names. With the U.S. Board's approval, the name could then be officially removed and possibly changed to one of the following proposed names:

  • Mount Blue Sky
  • Mount Cheyenne-Arapaho
  • Mount Rosalie
  • Mount Sisty
  • Mount Soule
  • Mount Evans (for the daughter of John Evans)

The Cheyanne and Arapaho tribes are hoping that Mount Blue Sky will be the name to replace the former.

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