You have to watch and see how this motorcyclist survives this UNBELIEVABLE crash... it's like something out of a James Bond movie!

At first, I didn't know what I was watching because the title of the video is in a different language so it took me by surprise! To see someone get that lucky and avoid what could have been a fatal crash seems unreal.

I'm not sure where this happened because there's no description or info with the video. I did look up the language used for the title, which is Macedonian, and it reads "DTP Motorcyclist". Macedonian is of Slavic origin and can be found in Macedonia, Albania, Romania, and Serbia. So, I'm guessing this accident happened in one of these countries.

Could you imagine surviving a car accident like this? I feel he has to be a very lucky person for THAT to happen. Would you get back on a bike if this happened to you?