Twenty-five Colorado State parks are now using the reservation system.

With the New Year comes Colorado Parks & Wildlife's new "reservation-only" system. After a successful test run last year CP&W has expanded the system to more parks.  “Really what it is, is an elimination of the 3-day reservation window folks used to have to do before,” says Travis Duncan with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. To make a reservation just click HERE. “You can book it right there from your phone. Whether it’s 3 AM or whatever time you arrive. And you have the spot,” adds Duncan.

You're encouraged to make your reservation for summer holiday weekends now! Like before, you can reserve a campsite up to six months in advance. Meaning, if you’re thinking about camping over the Memorial Day or 4th of July, you should book it sooner than later. You can still make a reservation by phone by calling 1-800-244-5613. If you have questions about the new system call 303-297-1192.

The Colorado state parks that require a reservation are...Cheyenne Mountain, Eleven Mile, Staunton, St. Vrain, Trinidad Lake, Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, Boyd Lake, Cherry Creek, Golden Gate Canyon, Highline Lake, Jackson Lake, John Martin Reservoir,  Lathrop, Mueller, North Sterling, Pearl Lake, Ridgway, State Forest, Steamboat Lake.

Lake Pueblo and Chatfield state parks will be joining the new program in April.

Credit: Fox 31

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