In the battle of the sexes, women win when it comes to the sniffles.

That's exactly the takeaway in this viral video, which pokes fun at the way men react to getting a cold compared to the way moms will soldier on with all the chores that need to be done.

"I don't really have that much empathy," the impatient mother declares. "Because I, as well, have the exact same cold you do and I am doing laundry and dishes and dealing with the kids. You obviously need more rest due to the fact that you're a big baby man-child."

For all their posturing and swagger, men often turn into blubbering piles of helplessness at the first sign of sickness, while women will make dinner, clean the house and help the kids with their homework, even as the nose goblins run amok and their immune systems shut down.

What do you think? Is the stereotype true or are men getting a bad rap when it comes to how they react when they're under the weather?

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