Mesa View Elementary celebrated Valentine's Day with kindness instead of candy. Take a look at their gratitude wall that's a part of their gratitude campaign.

While we were at Mesa View Elementary School for our Teacher of the Month surprise, a certain wall caught my eye. This wall was covered in lots and lots of sticky notes. This is Mesa View Elementary's gratitude wall.

Students write what they're grateful for on sticky notes and then were placed on the gratitude wall. You can see the pictures of the gratitude wall above and these are what some of the sticky notes say:

  • Mom, dad, cat.
  • I am thankful for this school because I get to see my friends and I get to learn new things.
  • I am grateful for pizza.
  • I am grateful for my little sister and two-year-old brother.
  • I'm grateful for my classmates teaching me new things.
  • I'm grateful for my little brother. He helps me when I'm sad and he plays with me when I'm mad.
  • I am grateful for my mom.
  • I'm grateful for food and water.

There were numerous sticky notes about the students being grateful for their teachers too. While Mesa View Elementary School students have been writing sticky notes at school, they've also been writing letters to the people they're grateful for.

Instead of having some sort of candy-centric event on Valentine's Day, they're focusing on good things and kindness. Students read their letters about the people they're grateful for during their Valentine's Day event.

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