School District 51 students are back in class and local law enforcement including the Mesa County Sheriff's Office are on the street making sure motorists are obeying speed limits and yielding to students in crosswalks. They are also handing out tickets to those who don't.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office shared the above post on Facebook warning drivers they'll pay a hefty fine and acquire points on their license for violations in a school zone. For up-to-date school zone patrolling, follow #GVTraffic on Twitter.

Speeding 5-9 miles over the limit in a school zone will cost you $185.50 and one point on your driver's license. Get caught going 10-19 miles over and you'll pay $330.50 and four points.

Failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk is a $42.50 fine and four points. Pass on the left in an unsafe manner and it's $118.50 and four points.

Drive by a school bus stopped with lights flashing and you'll be explaining that one in court to a judge who'll probably throw the book at you.

Local law enforcement is most visible at the start of the school year but is always on the lookout for violations in school zones. So, be aware of school zones, crosswalks and buses and make sure you're obeying the law, not just to avoid the fines but to make sure students get to and from school safely.