Never in my life have I been curious about trash. Well until now that is. Our landfill is in danger of being too full and closing down within the next twenty years.

I never knew that any landfill could be in danger of being too full and closing. Have you ever heard anything like that?

Well, here in Mesa County our Mesa County landfill is in danger of closing within the next 20 years. We as a community need to do something about this.

Not everything you need to get rid of needs to be thrown away. That is what recycling is for. Take those plastic bottles, those old cardboard boxes and recycle them.

If we don't do our part and at least slow down with the amount of trash going to the dump we won't have a dump to use.

Please do your part and help our landfill last longer than the 20 years that it was given. As a community, we can all do our part and to extend the Mesa County Landfills life just a little longer.

I believe in this community!

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