When it comes to auto theft, Mesa County is being proactive. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office was just given a grant for a bait car.

I had no idea what a bait car even was, but it's a car used to catch car thieves. It's usually placed where car burglary happens frequently. The car has a GPS built in so authorities know where it is at all times. It also has a "kill switch," which doesn't kill the car but locks all the doors and disables the engine.

The Operations Captain, Todd Rowell, of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office said that they're not going to put them in places where car theft isn't happening and lure people into doing something they wouldn't do. Rowell said:

We're putting them in places where it happens anyway, and we want them to take our not someone else's.

If a bait car reels you in,  good luck trying to escape when the police know exactly where you're at and have you locked in.

Source: KKCO

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