While all Colorado school districts are closed, some Mesa County Valley School District 51 art students have been creating some very compelling Coronavirus-themed artwork.

This student's piece depicts the nasty Coronavirus cell with a sad face, holding a card that says 'Get Well Soon.'

Another student drew a picture of a woman grocery shopping with a surgical mask on, in an aisle that is out of toilet paper. Sadly, this is something a lot of us are dealing with lately.

Here we have a similar message displayed; a Coronovirus cell hoarding toilet paper as we've seen human beings doing ever since this whole thing started.

This student got right to the gusto and simply drew a COVID-19 cell with a look of despair on its face, and wearing a mask much like a lot of us are doing these days.

Finally, we have what almost looks like a band's album's cover art, a black background Coronavirus pic which is so well done that it could likely become a viable piece of art that could stand the test of time long after this whole thing is over.

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