The Mesa County economy is rolling right along.

The Mesa County Workforce Center reports that unemployment is at the lowest its been in years at 3.9%. More than one thousand new jobs were added in the region just last month alone. They went on to say "There's a lot more job opportunities out there but not as many people looking for work,” said Curtis Englehart, Workforce Center Director.

The Workforce Center says they have a lot of full time, permanent jobs available right now!  "We're seeing a lot more job orders coming in than we ever have before a lot of that is due to the improving economy and it’s also due to the low employment rates so it's a little bit harder to find that skilled employee right now due to people working,” continued Englehart.

If you need a job or not happy with your current career path, stop by the Workforce Center at 512 29 1/2 Rd for a one on one consultation. The Center can provide certification assessments to help identify your skill-set and then help you showcase them to potential employers. "Truly get their foot in the door with that employer and say you know this is my skill level now all I need is for you to train me on how you do it here in your company and those have worked really well,” said Englehart.

Their next Job Fair is scheduled for April 2ed from 9 AM to 2 PM. That event will have over 50 businesses looking to hire you. For more information call The Workforce Center at (970) 248-0871.

Credit: KKCO11News 

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