This $37.5 million home in Aspen has an indoor tennis court, track and racquetball court. See inside the 10 bedroom, 9.5 bathroom Merry-Go Ranch in Aspen.

Merry-Go Ranch is an iconic property in Aspen, it's the home of Aspen retail and entrepreneur Leonard 'Boogie' Weinglass. The $37.5 million home is 8 minutes away from downtown Aspen is located at 1650 McLain Flats Road.

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The Merry-Go Ranch is truly extraordinary, it's got over 21 acres of rolling lawns and pastures and over 600 trees to maximize your privacy. Along with the 10 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms, there is a five-car garage, barns and guest home on the property.

You could never get bored at the Merry-Go Ranch in Aspen because there's a huge gym, an indoor track, an NBA basketball court, an indoor tennis and racquetball court. There's also an indoor swimming pool, a game room, a steam room, and a massage room.

There are horse statues all over the property and plenty of space for real horses too. There are huge windows in every room of the house to maximize the beautiful views of Aspen and Snowmass Mountain.

The Merry-Go Ranch is a beautiful estate in Aspen and could fit you, your family, your friends and then some. See pictures of the gorgeous Merry-Go Ranch below and see the full listing here.

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