Annabelle’s idols are Kesha and Macklemore, but I bet if they met Annabelle they would say she’s their idol. Annabelle is such a gem. I met this little rock star at the Kesha and Macklemore concert in Denver on Sunday night. Not only was this Annabelle’s first concert, but this girl was born to sing, literally.  Her mom told me that her middle name is Lyric which is very fitting for this inspiring artist who is only 10 years old. She plays guitar and drums and she also sings in a band called The Tiger Stripes. Her dream is to become a pop-star, singer, and performer.

Annabelle reminded me that everyone needs to do what they are called to do. The sparkle I saw in Annabelle reminded me of myself. Don’t let Annabelle’s age fool you, she knows who she is. I see Annabelle’s determination which makes my heart smile. Both Kesha and Macklemore stressed how important it is to love each other well, be kind, know your gifts and never let anyone destroy who you are!

Annabelle is already a firecracker. I have no doubt that she will be making a huge influence amongst her peers, and even adults like myself. I am a fan of Annabelle! I look forward to watching her grow into an amazing star that rocks our world with the gift of music. The only thing I asked from Annabelle was to remember me when she’s famous. She laughed, and said, “of course.” Go get ‘em, Annabelle! And remember … NEVER GIVE UP!


Kesha + Macklemore

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