Colorado has joined two other states in allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana instead of an opioid-based option.

Colorado joins New York and Illinois in allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in place of an opioid they would normally prescribe.

Patients in states that have legalized medical marijuana have access to it for general pain relief, but now those who struggle with pain, as well as post-operative patients, will have the option of using medical marijuana to combat it.

Studies continue to be done on the effectiveness of medical marijuana in dealing with pain, but in a 2014 study, it was found that states that have a medical marijuana law have seen a reduction of opioid deaths by 25%.

Not everyone in the medical arena feels that way, however. A study done in 2017 takes issues with the 2014 study, but medical professionals say the evidence is strong enough to give patients an option.

An option that does not include opioids.

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