Students are now able to use medical marijuana in this school district in Colorado. There are rules to using medical marijuana at school, and one of the rules is that it must be non-smokeable.

District 70 now allows students to use medical marijuana while at school. District 60, which is Pueblo city schools, will have a similar policy to District 70, which is Pueblo County.

The guidelines for using medical marijuana at school in District 70 include:

  • Students must have a medical marijuana card
  • Medical marijuana must be used for medical purposes only
  • Medical marijuana must be non-smokeable
  • A parent/primary caregiver must be present to administer it to students
  • After administering, medical marijuana must be removed from school/district/bus/or school event

D-70 will not allow their school personnel to administer medical marijuana to the students, even though it's legal in Colorado to do so. Let us know how you feel about D-70 and D-60 allowing students to use medical marijuana at school.

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