Coloradans are known for everything outdoors; Mick Tresemer takes it to the next level.

Tresemer uses climbing rope to create the most beautiful rugs, which would go perfectly in any outdoor enthusiast's house.

There is much pride within the Colorado flag.

Coloradans love fishing. Here is a neat rug for the fishing lovers.

And how about for the musicians?

If you live in Colorado, you most likely own a bike. Or at least know someone who loves biking.

Maybe you want to add some color to your home, while creatively displaying climbing ropes. This climbing gear abstracts very well.

And he doesn't limit himself to just two-dimensional rug-work.

Check out his Instagram for more pictures of his climbing rope creations. Or you can check out his website and order your own custom rug.

What are some of your favorite climbing rope rugs that he has created?