A man in an Orchard Mesa Neighborhood in Grand Junction was cited for drowning his neighbor's cat. Here's what he has to say about it. 

"I didn't go out to kill somebody’s cat, I didn't go cat hunting," said Ed Haynes.

Ed Haynes of Grand Junction was tired of a cat ruining his lawn. He tried a chemical compound, he tried calling animal services and local shelters. They don't allow feral cats and legally, Mesa County Animal Services can't take cats because there is no leash law. 

Ed Haynes trapped and drowned his neighbor's cat. After owner, Lisa DeShazar, found her cat in his yard she attempted to contact Haynes with no avail. When she finally did, it was too late. Ed Haynes drowned her cat in his bath tub, which he admitted to. "I feel terrible about it, I had no idea it was anybody’s pet," he said.

Here's what the owner of the cat has to say about it. Ed Haynes was cited with aggravated animal cruelty. Do you think that the punishment fits the crime?

Source: KKCO11

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