As a kid growing up in the '90s, I have very fond memories of hanging out at different malls. While the town I grew up in was much too small at the time to have its own mall, we were pretty much located equally between Grand Junction and the Denver area, so we spent time at not only the Mesa Mall, but malls in Denver, Boulder, and other places around the state.

Needless to say, malls are completely different now than back in those days, if they're even still around. The mall used to be a place to go shopping for things that, unfortunately, aren't even sold in stores anymore like CDs. In addition, there wasn't online ordering back then so we basically relied on the mall for any and everything we needed.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking which restaurants and/or stores you have fond memories of going to at the mall and got all kinds of nostalgic responses.

Mall Stores Grand Junction Misses

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While the Mesa Mall is still around, a lot of the stores we grew up loving over the years aren't. Some of these places mentioned were music stores like FYE and Sam Goody, toy stores like KB Toys, and our favorite arcade Aladdin's Castle, to name a few.

Some of the more grown-up responses included places like Ben Franklin Crafts, Culinary Corner, and Sears.

Mall Restaurants Grand Junction Misses

In addition to retail shops and the arcade, many responses to my question were in regard to places in the mall where you could buy food. These places include Sbarro Pizza, Panda Palace, Krackel Corn, and Corndog Plus.

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