Are you certain your mail-in ballot has been received and counted? In the event of errors, it is possible your ballot may be stuck in limbo. Obviously, with this being election day, the deadline to check is NOW. Here's how you do it.

If you returned your mail-in ballot, head over to this website to check its status. Navigating the page is a bit tricky, so for your convenience, a direct link to the "sign in" page is located below.

After entering your information, with any luck, you'll wind up on a page with the following message:

It might be wise to check and make sure your vote has been received and counted.Some Mesa County residents have discovered their ballots were not counted due to errors. In the event your ballot has not been counted, you'll have to (quickly) make arrangements to vote it person. Today's the deadline, so put a wiggle in it and VOTE!