Hillary Clinton is using the biggest fad going to get people to the polls.

The Democratic presidential nominee took part in the "mannequin challenge" aboard her campaign plane late Monday night in a creative bid to encourage people to vote. She was joined by some very famous supporters, including her husband Bill and Jon Bon Jovi, who's been out on the campaign trail on Hillary's behalf.

Tuesday, of course, is Election Day, so it looks like Clinton is pulling out all the stops in her quest to win the White House. We may be tired of hearing about this election and totally stressed out, but it's worth it to watch Hillary try to be cool.

What a surreal 2016 this has been -- we never thought "mannequin challenge" would be one of the words associated with this election. And that's saying something considering some of the phrases that have entered our lexicon this cycle.

It's your move, Donald. Do we dare even dream that he'd try to do the Harlem Shake?

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