Madonna is a fierce survivor of an apocalypse in her "Ghosttown" video, donning an emerald green cape so stunning it almost eclipses that other black cape in our minds. (You know, the one that caused the pop icon to stumble at the 2015 BRIT Awards. Whoops!)

In all seriousness, Madonna's "Ghosttown" video — the latest single off of her album Rebel Heart — boasts some pretty stunning shots, portraying not only the wreckage of the fictional disaster but also the Queen of Pop's apocalyptic chic ensembles. (Only Madonna's hair could look that flawless after surviving a nuclear attack.)

The video is raw, emotional and even includes two touching moments at the beginning — split-second stills that one eagle-eyed commenter noticed immediately: a framed picture of Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, and another one of Madonna's late mother — a photo that the singer kisses gently as the TV news report blares stories about the apocalypse.

But the visual is more than just powerful imagery; it also showcases Madonna's sheer talent, including a ballroom-style dance with her leading man, the two carefully intertwined on the remnants of a dancefloor.

While Rebel Heart was almost universally praised by critics, it did not perform well commercially — in fact, it is the singer's worst-selling album in 20 years. Massively disappointing, yes, but "bitch, she's Madonna." We know this will only fuel her passion, drive and chameleonlike nature.

Check out Madonna's "Ghosttown" video above.

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