Jimmy Kimmel's crew went out onto the streets of South by Southwest to ask people their opinions on a bunch of fake bands they made up. And even though all of these artists are completely fictional - that didn’t stop people from saying they love them!

For the first few editions of Lie Witness News, I thought they were fake. It seemed like they dubbed in the fake band names to make people look like they were actually lying. Now people are repeating the fake band names, so there's no way it's fake. Well, maybe their love for these artists are fake!

I'm guessing that being on TV makes you lie. Maybe these people just don't want to look like fools and not know any of these artists or maybe they think they won't get on TV if they don't know any of them. Either way... this is ridiculous! I would never let these people live this down if I knew them personally.

Also, to the guy who doesn't know what Cialis is, how do you sleep at night? That was pretty funny though when she mentioned him getting dangerous after 4 hours. Would you ever lie about something just to be on TV?

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