Ladies, do you dress your man? Why do women do this? Are men really that out of fashion? Is your man just lazy? Why Why Why!!

I enjoy shopping. Picking out what I think is cool. I was roaming around Grand Junction stores yesterday (I was looking for pants), and I noticed a man and a woman who were shopping together. They were in their late 20's I would guess, and to me that seemed normal. Then it happened.

The young lady grabbed the man by the back of the shirt and said "Stand still so I can see how this looks on you". The look on the man's face was one of complete horror...yeah that look of "I'd rather be anywhere but here" kind of look.

I continued to roam around the clothes section of the store to see how this would turn out. By the time I found one pair of pants, which I didn't find that difficult a task. The lady had held up at least 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of shoes.

I felt so sorry for the man. He would go into dressing room, change and come out. The woman would say "spin so I can see". He complied, and then she would say "Nope, try this".

After an hour of this, I had to go. (I wanted to stay, cause this was really turning into a drama/reality show)

I so wanted to go save the man, and come up with some excuse to get him out of this fashion craziness he was in. It made me wonder, how many women do this to dress their man? Is this normal? Are men really that lazy? Or are you just that dominate over your man?

It is like the fashion police have been unleashed on Grand Junction men. Help me to understand this phenomenon!

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