Is there a conspiracy over Justin Bieber's reckless driving -- and does Tyler, the Creator have anything to do with it?!

Bieber has been in hot water and the hot seat over his speeding in his Calabasas, Calif. gated community, but some sources are saying he may not have been driving at all lately.

TMZ reports that Bieber's security team insist he wasn't driving at the time his vehicle was caught on a secuity camera zooming around the neighborhood. Who do they say was the culprit? None other than the Odd Future rapper. Say what?!

At the time of Bieber's chase with former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, Bieber told Johnson he hadn't been driving and that he just swapped seats with his passenger in order to park the car in his garage -- but because his Ferrari is such a low-riding vehicle, lots of people aren't buying his story, including Johnson. (It's being debated whether the passenger was Tyler or the more likely Lil Twist.) Police are waiting for the surveillance video to be turned over to them before making a move.

In the meantime, Johnson insists Biebs is indeed bad news behind the wheel, fuming, "You got a 19-year-old kid ... feeling entitled ... speeding up and down the highway ... that's why all the neighbors is mad," Johnson fumed. "You can't do that."

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