The drama (and confusion) surrounding Justin Bieber and his fleet of unsafely operated vehicles continues to escalate, with the latest development as follows.

Rapper Tyler, the Creator officially took the blame, tweeting that he was behind the wheel of the teen's Ferrari last week when a former NFL player tried to intervene and slow him down because he thought it was The Biebs driving recklessly (again!!!) on residential streets.

Rumors that the Odd Future member was somehow involved began to circulate over the weekend and he owned up.

The Biebs' team was said to be quietly floating a "It wasn't me, I was framed" defense, and perhaps that was the truth. Tyler, who wrote a song that was rejected for Bieber's 'Believe' and once said he was dying to work with the teen to help make his music tighter, tweeted the following confession of sorts.

He assumes the blame in the sentence case tweet that The Biebs actually replied to.

The Biebs seems to absolve Tyler of any guilt, and points out that this drama is a regular occurrence in his life. He also jokingly refers to the latest paternity suit surrounding him, which is likely bogus.

It's unclear if Tyler is serious, joking or taking one for the team.

A source told Perez Hilton that Biebs and Tyler have been bro'ing down and spending time together, saying, "Tyler was with Justin all weekend and he asked if he could take Justin’s car for a spin. Justin walked outside to grab the car and pull it into the garage once Tyler was back from driving around. But when he saw the police outside, he walked back in because he didn’t want to get involved since he wasn’t the one driving. Tyler tried to tell police that he was the one driving but no one would listen to him."

What a hot mess.

Reckless driving aside, why does The Biebs continue to let people drive his fast and expensive cars? It's an insurance nightmare waiting to happen, and it's getting him into a lot of hot water with neighbors, in addition to tarnishing his rep.

He needs to jam on the brakes when it comes to parsing out his rides. STOP!

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