It's only been one week since Tigo the super K-9 has been on the job with the Montrose County Sheriff's Department when he had to assist with a very important task of saving a woman's life.

On May 26 there had been a report given to the Montrose County Sheriff's Department that a woman had been suffering from a mental health episode.

The family members that were related to the lady in trouble were concerned that she was going to take her life and had thought she might have overdosed on pills before taking off.

Tigo who is a Belgian shepherd has been trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Sgt. Chuck Searcy works with Tigo and stated that "Tigo did a fine job with his first big assignment."

According to the Montrose Press, the woman could have died if it weren't for Tigo.

Searcy said, "if it weren't for Tigo they may not have found her."

Thank goodness for dogs like Tigo that do their job and do it well.

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