This "Ode to Junk" was recently spotted on Grand Junction's Gunny Loop trail. Is this a collection of junk designed to send a message or the worst Christmas tree ever?

I've walked Gunny Loop a thousand times and don't recall seeing this tree decked out quite this elaborately. Is this a new feature, or an example of my tendency towards disassociation?

According to Wikipedia, disassociation is defined as:

In psychology, the term disassociation describes a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more sever detachment from physical and emotional experience.

Is the collection of a trash meant as a message to hikers and bikers? Is this a friendly reminder to pick up after oneself?

There is another theory: Every year, for as far back as I can remember, someone has adorned trees along this trail with Christmas decorations. Typically, the decorated trees have been farther west. Is this an example of a "poor man's" tree decorated for the holidays?

Perhaps it's time to quit daydreaming and pay more attention when hiking. For all I know, I've passed Bigfoot half a dozen times, stepped on a few dozen rattlesnakes, and been abducted by UFOs at least a time or two.