Former 'Dawson's Creek' star James Van Der Beek, 36, and his wife Kimberly welcomed their new daughter on Saturday, Jan. 25. The proud mama took to social media to reveal the little girl's pretty name, which her husband admitted they didn't spend too much time thinking about in advance... but with good reason.

Kimberley posted a photo of the name "Annabel" spelled out on a wood surface with hearts on Instagram. That was certainly a clever way to reveal their new arrival's moniker.

Annabel is the couple's third child! We cannot wait for the VDBs to share a photo of their precious little bundle with a lovely name. We are DYING to see her. She's gotta be a looker, since her parents are so good-looking.

Annabel joins the VDB brood that includes older sister Olivia, born in 2010, and older brother Joshua, born in 2012. She was born naturally and at home last Saturday. Below is the pic of the big reveal.

While appearing on 'The Talk,' Van Der Beek spoke about how the name wasn't something that was heavily discussed before the little angel arrived.

“We felt like we needed to meet [her] first … and we’re just lazy,” he said. “We had not had a single discussion about a name before the baby was born. I said, ‘By the way, do you have a name?’ She said, ‘Well, only one name came to me.’ I said, ‘Yeah only one name came to me too.’ And it was the same name.”

Wow! Souds like Annabel's name was meant to be.

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