Not the kind of story you'd enjoy reading while eating breakfast as I did. So many questions on this one. 'WHY?' Being the most persistent one.

It wasn't a drug deal gone bad, or a situation where someone was buying a new microwave off of Let Go. It's just so weird...

So, according to the Boulder Police and Denver 7, it happened the other night in Boulder: One man needed a better pair of jeans than the ones he had on for a probation appointment. That man (Man #1) approached another man and asked to trade jeans. Seems a bit weird, right there, right?

Well, then things really went off the rail. The second man (Man #2) agreed (WHY?) and gave Man #1 his jeans. However... .Man #2's jeans were... not clean. Reports have it that the jeans had feces within them, which MAY have been the reason WHY Man #1 took out a knife and stabbed Man #2. I told you, this is a WEIRD story!

Then, Man #2, who gave up his poopy jeans, was then stabbed, in the back, by Man #1. Man #1 then took off to try and steal some jeans from a nearby Eddie Bauer store. He was caught and taken in on charges of robbery & theft and first-degree assault. Man #2 was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Boulder, Boulder, Boulder. What are we going to do with you?

Get the full story from Denver 7 HERE!

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