Have you ever wanted to be a treasure hunter? Going in search of treasure that could be real or could be a myth spoken around a campfire?

In the South Central part of Colorado lies the Marble Mountains. And, legend has it, hidden within are untold riches of gold.

A cave, marked with a red cross is just the beginning of the steps you will take to follow the footstep of the Spaniards who, along with three monks, enslaved the locals to mine for gold deep into the Earth. Once they uncovered all they could take, they killed everyone and left, never to return.

The cave was left alone until 1869 when Captain Elisha Horn discovered the skeletal remains of a man in Spanish uniform. Above a red cross and the entrance to the cave, but somewhere within is an oaken door which leads to the Three Steps Mine. Did I mention that this cave is at 13,000 feet?

Looking around outside the site, you may find evidence of others who had been there. such as arrowheads, a small fort, and numerous skeletons.

In the 1920's. a group called the Colorado Mountain Club, explored those caves with a U.S. Forest Ranger. From an encounter, he had with a 105-year-old woman who said she recalled, as a young child, large amounts of gold being taken from the mine.

The ranger and the group searched up and down the caves to no avail. It is said they went down as much as 500 feet. They didn't leave the caves empty-handed, leaving with an old latter and a hammer dated back to the 16th century.

From then on many explorers have gone searching for the "cave of gold" without any luck. That doesn't mean that they didn't find anything. Deep within the caves, a skeleton was found chained to the white walls by the neck. While others found tools you could assume were used for mining.

Some legends are true and you finally discover what you have been searching for. While others remain a myth, searching and searching but never being able to find that one thing you want more than anything.

When summer comes around and I have all of the necessary supplies, my brother, father, and I will be on a weekend trek to see if we can find the cave of gold. You never know we could become the Colorado version of Oak Island.

Is this an adventure you would be willing to take?

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