Thanksgiving is November 26th, and that is right around the corner. But is turkey the best thing to being serving your family for the big Thanksgiving meal?

Everyone is trying to make sure they do not blow their diets all out of wack, and attempting to eat healthy over the holidays. Is turkey the answer? Well...Yes, and No.

Body and Soul show us that there are Pro's and Con's to eating turkey this holiday season. No matter how you eat it as turkey meat is sold in various forms, including whole, prepackaged slices, breast, thighs, mince, cutlets and tenderloins.

Pro's to eating turkey include:

High in Protein.

Turkey served skinless is much lower in fat.

Turkey is  high in  iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.


The Con's to eating turkey are:

Turkey can be high in sodium.

If you buy your turkey in packages, you may need to read the label, as some packaged meats are filled with interesting ingredients that help it keep a higher shelf life.

Turkey skin is high in fat. So if you bake the bird, be sure to remove the skin before you serve.

Turkey can make you sleepy....yep, it is not just you. Turkey has tryptophan which has been proven to make a person sleepy if you eat too much of it.

So the verdict is in. It is fine to give your family the bird this Thanksgiving. With a few modifications, you can have a healthy and belly filling meal that everyone will remember.