An inspiring golfer with cerebral palsy stars in a Fruita Monument High School student's school project. Learn how he overcame hardships by spreading positivity.

Brayden Kelly is a student at Fruita Monument High School and had to make a video about someone who inspired him. His video shows his love and his teammate's love for golf and he also features Coach Cox in his school project, who's the coach of the Fruita Monument High School golf team.

Coach Cox isn't the star of this video though, Brian Gwatney is, who's a staff member at Adobe Creek Golf Course. The FMHS golf team practices at this course and Brian is their inspiration and the star of this video. Brian is described as a nice guy, a good guy, who treats the team with respect and constantly helps them out.

Brian is an assistant manager at Adobe Creek Golf Course and has cerebral palsy. He says almost his whole left side is impacted, causing him to almost solely rely on the right side of his body. He says it doesn't affect him as much as it used to, he says over the years he started to think more positively and that's what he spreads -- positivity.

Everyone applauds Brian's golf game, from the students at FMHS to their coach. He's adapted to golfing using only one side of his body, and he's really good at it. His dad is the one who got him into golf, who unfortunately passed away from cancer. Brian says the only person you're facing on the golf course, is yourself.

Brian's whole mindset and the way he lives his life is truly inspirational. He says there's somebody out there who's probably having a worse day, that's having a worse time right now, but you know what, they probably have a big smile on their face too, they're persevering -- and you should too. The end of Brayden Kelly's YouTube video says:

From golfing to everyday life, Brian doesn't give up -- no matter what the challenge. And he hopes to spread that message through his positive attitude and kindness toward others.

Brayden sent his video of Brian out to some pro golfers, and they ended up getting some gear and a shout out on World Golf Hall of Famer, Greg Norman's Facebook.

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