For all you golf fanatics, whether that be the golfers who are on the cusp of becoming a pro, or your average golfer who just wants to play because it's fun, like me, we are going to find the best courses in Colorado. So grab your glove and your clubs, because it is almost game time.

We are going to be staying in the Grand Junction area for the start of the list. Grab your carts, because we are rolling into The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa. This course has an open 18 holes, with a unique view of the Mesa you can't get anywhere else. If you haven't been here then you should get there now a see "fore" yourselves.

We are going to take a little trip up the road from Grand Junction and head to New Castle, Colo., and hit the Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Course. This is also an 18 hole course. Every tee box is raised up so when you line up to hit that driver shot, you feel like your aiming at the mountain. Not only will you enjoy the fun time while at this course, you will also be amazed by the extreme views you get at the same time.

Sticking with 18 holes we are heading to the Ridge at Pines North in Castle Rock, Colo. Not only do have a very friendly staff who will get you whatever you need, The greens are amazing too. You are going to wish you can stay here all day on just golf until the evening. When you are done with your day of golf go and get a bite to eat before you head back home. A must do for any golfer!

Coming in next you get a little bit of a twofer. I am talking about Quail Dunes Golf Course located in Fort Morgan, Colo. This is an 18 hole course but the difference is that the front 9 and back 9 were not designed at the same time. The front 9 was designed in the 1920s while the back 9 came to be much later. So this makes for a quick game that will make you have a blast!

To round out the list we are heading to our final destination in the search for best golf courses with Ridge Golf Course at Pole Creek Golf Club in Tabernash, Colo. This one is different than all the others because it is the only one on this list that has only 9 holes. If you are a first-time golfer they are more than willing to help you with any questions you have. Not to mention that the locals are very friendly. So the uniqueness of this course is why to me it tops out the list.

Now get your golf shoes, get in your golf cart and head on out to the course of your choice. If you have any courses that are your favorite please feel free to let me know!

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