These are Grand Junction (Mix 104.3, 95 Rock, 99.9 KEKB, Kool 107.9) DJs as Easter Candy. Their personalities and taste match up perfectly with their designated Easter candy.

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    Mix 104.3/95 Rock - Alicia Selin

    Reese's Egg

    If I were an Easter candy, I would be Reese's Eggs. Reese's Eggs are always worth the effort, because they take away all bad feelings the instant you come into contact. Reese's are Grand Junction's second favorite Easter candy, although they should be first. I think it's just a matter of time.

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    Mix 104.3 - Brandon Thomas

    Starburst Egg

    Mix 104.3's Brandon Thomas would be a Starburst egg. This is the perfect Easter candy match for Brandon. Starburst eggs are colorful, fun and full of surprises -- just like Brandon.

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    Kool 107.9 - Zane Matthews

    Chocolate Bunny

    Zane Matthews' designated Easter candy is a chocolate bunny. This Kool 107.9 DJ knows what he likes and he's sticking to it. Why hop all over different Easter candy when you can have a solid, reliable chocolate bunny?

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    Kool 107.9 - Ed Chandler


    Kool 107.9's Ed Chandler is a staple of the station, just like Peeps are a staple of Easter. You've got the appreciate the classics -- Ed and the Peeps alike.

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    95 Rock - Ray Michaels

    Robin Eggs

    If Ray Michaels were an Easter candy, he'd be Robin Eggs -- the Whoopers kind. 95 Rock's Ray Michaels is experienced just like Robin Eggs. Don't be fooled by the hardness on the outside because the inside is soft and sweet.

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    99.9 KEKB - Waylon Jordan

    Jelly Beans

    Waylon Jordan as an Easter candy is a jelly bean. They match each other because both Waylon and the jelly bean have been around for a while. They're both sturdy, reliable and sweet, but far from boring. Waylon changes his flavor up just like a bag of jelly beans.

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    Kool 107.9/99.9 KEKB - Jack Taylor

    Caramel Egg

    Kool 107.9 and 99.9 KEKB's Jack Taylor is undoubtedly a caramel egg. Much like the egg, Jack appears to be just a plain milk chocolate egg. But, it's actually filled with a crazy caramel filling and will take you by surprise.

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