I'm not going to lie, I have indulged in purchasing some Easter candy. It's kind of hard not to when the aisles at the grocery store are overfilling with the stuff.

I know what my favorites are because I just bought them. But I can't see what you're buying (unless I'm behind you at the grocery store) so that's why I asked you on our Facebook, 'what is your favorite Easter candy?.'

These are Grand Junction's three favorite kinds of Easter candy.

#3 Peeps

Coming in as Grand Junction's third favorite candy are Peeps, Personally, I've never been a Peeps person. I dig marshmallows, but not Peeps. Although I would say that this is one of the first kinds of Easter that comes to mind.

#2 Reese's

Grand Junction's second favorite candy are Reese's. I am right there with your love for Reese's.  I've actually already bought some for Easter and they were definitely first choice. It's okay Reese's, you're no runner-up in my heart.

#1 Tie Between Caramel and Marshmallow Eggs

The number one favorite Easter candy in Grand Junction -- is actually a tie. Grand Junction just couldn't decide between the caramel eggs or the marshmallow eggs. How about you give me both and I'll decide? The eggs are definitely another staple of Easter candy.

Other than the Easter candy above, I even saw some I've never heard of before. Bubble gum eggs or Almond Joy eggs, wait, what? Thank you for introducing me to some Easter deliciousness.

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