I am so excited. It is warming up, and you know what that means...ICE CREAM season!

Oh yeah, the most amazing delicious delights on the planet come out when the temperature warms up. From plain old vanilla ice cream to gelato, to yogurt it is the season!

Flavors are everywhere, but where is the absolute best place to get that creamy cold goodness? That is the question. There are many places to go, but who is the best?

When you think of ice cream or gelato, what are the particular things that make you go to your favorite spot. Is it customer service? The way the ice cream is made?

I have listed some of the ice cream parlors I know here in Grand Junction and around the valley. But with me being newish to the area, I know I am missing some. That is where you come in. Vote for your favorite ice cream, and if your place is not on the list....add it and tell me!

I am like a child when it comes to ice cream, if it is out there, I want to try it. So help me out with the best ice cream in the Grand Valley!!


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