When we asked you on Facebook: "How young is too young for a child to stay home alone?" Many of you seemed to be on the same page.

Depends on the child, some children are more mature than others, but I wonder if it affects them even if they're a "good kid" and they act mature ... does it have a negative effect on a child later on in life?

That thought comes to my mind just because I was left alone at a young age. I was considered a "latchkey kid" as many were back-in-the-day.

I knew how to survive, I knew what was right and wrong, I was taught well with my dad being a State Patrolman and my mom working for the Colorado Springs Police Department, but truthful I was scared to death.

We lived in the mountains, it was scary, dark and I felt super alone.

I understand life today is different though. We have FaceTime and text messaging is simple.

With my kids, I struggled with this question. I'm a single mom of four. Now most of them are adults and I don't have to worry about it but hopefully, this might help for those that wrestle with this as I did.

In Colorado, legally there is no law that states a minimum age that a child can be left alone. As long as they can call 911 and can feed themselves and all is well according to Colorad4Kids.

Many of you knew that like Katie Mattison:

But some were concerned:

Overall, most everyone agreed that it depends on the child, but after this week with all the parents going cray-cray at a little league baseball event I'm not sure some parents are capable of making that call. Seriously!

Lots of opinions and thoughts here, drop a comment if you feel differently.

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