Every year the hotels in Aspen and in the surrounding towns fills up. Even if there was a room available it's very unlikely you would be able to find a hotel for less than $200 a night. I have come up with a simple plan so you can stay in Aspen for FREE!

I was reading the Aspen Times on Wednesday after the Winter X Games Media Day. There was an article called "Security lined up for the X Games: Cops: No toking, drinking at Buttermilk or in city." In this article they make it very clear that if you can't handle your smoke or your drink you will be thrown into detox.

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Why not just check yourself into detox after having a few drinks? Then you can stay in a warm place, they will give you a jail house pillow and mattress and you don't have to pay a dime. Now, the key to this is not to get completely wasted where you'll catch a case for drunk in public. Have a few drinks or a few puffs, then check yourself into detox at the end of the night. Wake up, check out and head back to the Winter X Game. Brilliant!

I don't know this from experience, this was the first question Mack asked me. The article goes on to say "For those who appear to be unable to handle their drug or alcohol intake, there will be a remote detoxification facility in the Rio Grande Meeting Room next to the Pitkin County Jail at the northern end of Galena Street, behind the county court house."

Now that you know where it is, you can check yourself in. Once again, I can't stress this enough, don't get to drunk or high so that you don't catch any charges. A few drinks or puffs will do it and you'll have a nice warm place to stay. Be careful and have fun!

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